The Salesforce App Exchange...Worth a Quick Search!

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The Salesforce App Exchange...Worth a Quick Search!

Salesforce is great! You’ll hear that a lot here at Chicago Cloud Group. It allows us endless possibilities for creating tools we need to support our business and our clients. We live in Salesforce every day and use it for more than just CRM.  

With custom objects from time off requests to ordering company shirts, we have created so many helpful tools for ourselves and our clients. And although the work we’ve done is worth bragging about, it has sometimes been easier (and just plain smarter) for us to turn to the Salesforce AppExchange (AppExchange) for our needs.  

The AppExchange is a marketplace for solutions and tools to integrate into your Salesforce instance. Here you can find tools for finance, marketing, sales, human resources, project management, and much more. If you have a need for a new custom object or functionality in Salesforce, before you start creating it yourself, why not check out the AppExchange to see what’s there. Chances are someone else has already had that same need and done the work for you.  

Three of my favorite things about the AppExchange are: 

  1. Some stuff is free: During your search, you’ll find a mix of free and paid solutions. Something to consider about the free options, they may only offer part of their solution for free to entice you. So, keep that in mind.  
  2. It’s easy to search: True to Salesforce style, there are advanced search options. You can apply multiple filters to help find what you’re looking for more quickly.  
  3. Detailed listings for more information: When you find something you like, you can click on the listing to find out more. In the AppExchange listing, you’ll find things like an overview of the solution, reviews, and pricing. Many of the listings even provide a demo to watch.  

An AppExchange solution may not always be the answer, but if it can help you accomplish what you’re looking to accomplish, and save you time doing it, then it may just come down to cost. Either way, it’s always worth at least a quick search on the AppExchange before diving in on your own.

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