Spread the Word for Training

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Spread the Word for Training

You have worked hard to develop a process and even harder to build the functionality in Salesforce to support that process. Then you have reached new heights with an amazing e-learning or document to train your employees. But is it enough just to send users an email with the information to review the training?

Most email inboxes are inundated each day…it can be easy to miss a training email or forget to come back to it. Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Here are some ideas for sharing training information through Salesforce. You can do any combination (or all) of these.

  1. Chatter – Create a Chatter group specifically for your internal training, add all your internal users to that group, and post the training information there.
  2. Libraries – Create a library specifically to share training information and documentation. Make sure all internal users are members of that library.
  3. Training Custom Object – Create a custom object to store information for each training module/document released. When creating the object, give your internal users access to view all training records.
  4. Home Page – Add a section to your home page for recently released training, and add links to all training that has been released over the previous three months.
  5. Tasks – Create a task for all employees to review a training module/document once it has been released.

When your employees are fully aware of what they should be doing and how to do it, everything else falls into place…so spread the word.

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