What We Do


We can perform Salesforce implementations at different levels: Full implementation from start to finish, partial implementation if picking up where the customer or another company ran into trouble, or we can help with an implementation strategy if the customer wants to perform the implementation with their internal resources. Our implementation starts with discovery, moves through design, configuration customization, data migration, training, and continues with on-going support to make sure the client is successful.


This service has proven to be invaluable to our customers. With this service, we look at how customers are currently using Salesforce and help them understand where they are missing the mark and where their holes are. The analysis comes with final suggestions for quick wins and long-term solutions.


Our data migration services save customers countless hours. With this service, we can take data from another Salesforce org, another system, or even from paper and apply it to the customer's Salesforce org.


We can provide training on standard Salesforce functionality or customize it to our customers' internal processes and screens. We can also have one-on-one sessions with customer system administrators to answer their questions. Our many training options include: train-the-trainer sessions. admin startup/boot camp, admin one-on-one, e-learning, in-person classroom sessions for end users, and training documentation development for internal processes linked to Salesforce.


We help clients fully implement myTrailhead and provide ongoing support of myTrailhead. For those companies that want to handle the implementation, we can help with strategy. We can also design and develop custom badges.

Community Development

We can help our clients develop their communities. Communities are like websites and intranets. Have a community for your customers, like a customer portal.

Lightning Migration

The Lightning Migration process starts with getting a look at your organization's Lightning Readiness Report. This report gives insight into what it will take to migrate your Classic setup to Lightning. This includes the estimated hours it will take to convert all the necessary pieces (i.e. Visualforce pages, custom buttons, home pages, etc.)