Salesforce Community Cloud Highlights

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Salesforce Community Cloud Highlights

Today, online communication is crucial to a company’s success. Luckily, Salesforce has a great tool to help improve online communication…communities.

Salesforce communities help companies communicate with customers, employees, and the general public. Communities are like websites and intranets that allow companies to open data from their Salesforce system all while controlling access depending on the viewer.

For example, a community can be set up like a customer portal. Specific customer users will have a login and can access data that you allow such as accounts, contacts, cases, and custom objects. This helps customers become more self-sufficient by not having to contact your team as often and improves efficiency all around by letting customers create records. With three roles available per customer account with access to the community, and custom sharing, you can control what users in each role can see and do.

Another example is a public community which can be used as a company website. This type of community is more general and wouldn’t be used to share customer-specific information. You can, however, allow users to create records such as cases. Anyone can visit a public community because they would not need a customer login.

A third option is an employee community. This option can provide an employee portal for employees to login and access information regarding things like benefits. Employees can see general information about benefits or information that is specific to them.

All three options allow your organization to streamline processes by taking away the back and forth of emails, attachments, paperwork, etc. all while storing the information in your Salesforce instance.

There are many advantages to using Salesforce communities…one of the biggest is collaboration. Users can connect and work together in one space no matter their location. It’s a one-stop shop for answering questions, sharing files, and more. And with everything happening within Salesforce, data is real-time and reportable.

According to Salesforce, “Because Community Cloud is built on the Salesforce platform, you can connect any third-party system or data directly into the community. Your organization gains the flexibility to easily create multiple communities for whatever use case your business demands” (

Communities essentially bring together the entire business chain involved in your organization to efficiently and effectively communicate and drive processes to faster completion. You can even customize the design of your communities. If you’re building customer communities, help your customers feel like they are looking at something their company built by using their logo and brand colors. If you’re building a public community or an employee portal, use your company logo and colors to give it a look and feel consistent with other tools you’ve produced.

Below is an example of what a salesforce community could look like:

A common question that most organizations ask is, “Are these communities secure?”. Each community is built on the Salesforce platform which is a secure CRM system that is providing its services to businesses worldwide. There are also security settings that can be enabled to keep your communities as safe as possible. Some of these options include enabling authorized users, encrypted data, click jack protection, and other enhancements that will keep them secure allowing you to use the external resources needed to provide optimal service.

With design, collaboration, and security being at the forefront of Salesforce’s efforts to implement this service, they have created an extension to their platform to ease organizations efforts in not only client engagement, but engagement and flexibility between all parties involved in a business.

Salesforce Community Cloud is a great extension to add onto your organization’s Salesforce instance to help use it to its fullest potential and give your organization an edge in the way you do business. Chicago Cloud Group provides Salesforce community development. We provide assistance in building a strategic plan for our clients’ communities; with the ability to create a design, deploy the community, and provide necessary training. Contact us today!

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