Make Salesforce Festive to Lift Users’ Spirits

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Make Salesforce Festive to Lift Users’ Spirits

We are living in strange and stressful times right now. Couldn’t we all just use a festive uplift in our day? Sometimes that can be accomplished with a simple visual. If you are using Salesforce Lightning Experience (Lightning), it’s quite easy to make this happen.

We’ve all seen the standard Salesforce look…and most companies keep that. But Lightning allows you to brand your user interface and change the theme. You can do this once or as often as you like.

The below example shows part of an updated company home page for the month of October along with an orange page background. This took only a few minutes to change.

*The creepy “Company Announcements” is an image inserted into a Rich Text component on the home page.

How to Change Your Theme and Branding

1.Start by going to Setup -> User Interface -> Themes and Branding.

2. Click the “New Theme” button.

3. Add your Theme Details, Branding, and Colors.

* Make sure the branding image is 600×120 pixels (or smaller) and not over 5 MB.

4. Save your theme.

5. After saving, you have the option to activate or preview your theme. I highly recommend previewing it first. If you click the drop-down arrow, you’ll see the options to delete or clone your theme as well.

*You can have multiple themes, but only one theme can be active at a time.

Page Background

If you prefer that your page background is an image instead of a solid color, you can add that image to the “Page Background Image” under the “Images” settings. The image should be 1800×360 pixels and smaller than 5 MB. This will be the background for all of your pages within Salesforce.

Group Background and User Profile Background

You can set a default image for Chatter Group Banners and Group Avatars as well as User Profile Banners and User Avatars. The banners should be 1800×360 pixels and smaller than 5 MB. The avatar images should 200×200 pixels and smaller than 5 MB. To change any of these, simply click on the image and you’ll be prompted to upload the new image from your computer. When replacing these defaults, if banners or avatars have already been set and are different than the default, those will stay as is. These will only replace the images when a user or admin did not already set a custom image. Also, when updating these, it may take several minutes to see the change.

I’ll admit it…changing your theme and branding in Salesforce will not solve any of the problems we face in our world today. It won’t hurt though, and you’ll likely add a little brightness to someone’s day. It’s worth it.

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