Implementation Process

Our Implementation Process

  1. Discovery – We look at what the customer is currently doing, what they need to accomplish, business impacts, and challenges.
  2. Design – We create a blueprint of how we think the customer’s system should be set up, which resources are needed, recommended objects and apps, etc.
  3. Configuration – We put our design into place, create sandboxes, permission sets, and more.
  4. Integration, Customization, and Testing – We pick up from the configuration, add custom objects, install necessary apps, and start testing.
  5. Data Migration – We move all available customer data into the new Salesforce org.
  6. Training – We train system administrators and end users.
  7. Go Live – We push out all user licenses and have all users start using the new Salesforce org. During this time, we stay on with the customer to address any issues.